Exercises for Mindfulness: 6 easy to do mindful exercises at home

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Mindfulness has become popular in recent years. Due to the busy schedules that people live with now, mindfulness offers an easy and efficient way to calm your mind. Studies have shown that it can reduce anxiety and stress and also focus better.

What is Mindfulness: 

Mindfulness is about being aware of the present moment. It works towards limiting distractions and focusing the mind on what you are currently doing. It can often be hard to practice as we are distracted numerous times throughout completing a task.

Luckily, there are some great mindfulness exercises you can easily practice at home. So put away your phone and get ready to be focused in the present moment with our top mindfulness exercises. 

1. Mindful Colouring:

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You read that right! Although you might not have coloured in since you were a child, there is growing evidence that colouring can be very beneficial for the mind. A recent study found that Mindful colouring helped to reduce stress and anxiety. Similar to meditation, colouring helps us focus the mind on one task letting our minds relax as we do so. Take the time to be in the moment as you are colouring lets our thoughts fade in and out without causing us stress.

We created our Free Mindful colouring book for you to enjoy the benefits of mindful colouring. 

2. Drink some tea:

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Tea and in particular herbal tea have been proven to relax the mind and body. Used for centuries to reduce anxiety and insomnia, tea naturally works with our body to calm it down. One of the more popular teas to calm your mind is Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea contains properties which are likened to mild sedative and muscle relaxer

As well as the consumption of the tea, the preparation of tea can also be used as mindful exercise. Take the moment as the kettle is boiling to take some deep breaths in and clear your mind. You can also be mindful when preparing your loose tea leaves. Take the time to smell them and touch them. Use the loose tea leaves to anchor yourself in the present moment.

Check out our list of the 6 best teas for anxiety

3. Mindful Breathing:

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Breathing is a simple act that we take for granted and often forget just how powerful it is. Deep breathing exercises have been shown to increase your focus and also increase positive emotions. The great thing about mindful breathing exercises is that they only need to be done for a few minutes to feel their effect. Mindful breathing exercises are great to do when you are at work or in a social setting and feeling stressed. They allow you to reset your mind without needing to have extra equipment. 

Here’s our top breathing exercises to try at home or on the go! 

4. Mindful eating:

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Mindful eating is about taking the time to slow down and really taste your food. Often today we are running from place to place and are eating quickly. This leads us to eating food that might not be beneficial for us and also not letting us really taste the food. A great exercise for practicing Mindful eating is the raisin exercise (it can also be done with any piece of food):

  1. Sit down with a raisin in front of you 
  2. Imagine that you have never seen or tasted a raisin before. This piece of food is brand new to you. 
  3. Pick up the raisin. Is it heavy? Is it lighter than you expected? 
  4. Feel the texture of the raisin. Is it soft? What does it look like up close?
  5. Take the raisin between your fingers. Feel it. What does it feel like? 
  6. Take the raisin between your lips. How does it feel against your lips?
  7. Take it into your mouth. Do not chew, taste it your mouth. What is it? 
  8. Begin to chew the raisin slowly. How does it taste now?
  9. Slowly let the raisin liquify in your mouth and then shallow it
  10. Close your eyes. How does it taste? Does it taste different from when you had a raisin before?

5. Take a mindfulness shower:

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The shower might seem like an odd place to practice mindfulness but it offers you a space from distraction and alone. This makes the shower the perfect environment to practice mindfulness. When you step into the shower, take note of the water temperature. Is it warm or too cold? Take the time to feel the water on your skin and to appreciate your body as you clean it. Notice where your mind drifts to and then bring it back to the present. Use the feeling of the water on your skin to remain present.

6. Candle meditation: 

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Candle meditation is great because all you require is a softly lit room with a lit candle. Pick your favourite candle to make it extra special. Candle meditation is simple:

  1. Sit in a comfortable upright spine with your lit candle in front of you. Dim or switch off any lights
  2. Begin to focus your gaze on the candle. Candle meditation allows us to focus on one object and allow our thoughts to flow without them becoming distraction
  3. Hold your eyes steady. If you get distracted, just refocus on the candle
  4. As you hold your eyes steady, become aware of your inhale and exhale
  5. Practice this for about 5-10 minutes
  6. Once you are done, close your eyes and feel the sensations in your body

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Practicing Mindfulness leads to many positive improvements throughout your life including increased focus and attention. By focusing the present moment and task at hand you can calm your mind and body. So why not start practicing some mindful exercises today! 

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