Ideas for Self Care: Learn how Sammy lives a cool, calm and collected life

Sammy from Cool Calm collected

Tell us about about yourself

I’m a big sister at heart who cares deeply about others, I can speak fluent ‘Friends’ and nothing makes my heart happier than dancing around the house (r'n'b, 80's and 90's pop are life!), laughing ‘til my stomach hurts, feeling the warmth of sunshine on my skin and floating in the ocean. I love fresh flowers, tea & margarita's equally, and sun-dried crisp bed linens. 
I live in Perth with my three loves: my husband Jamie, and our two pups Coco & Archie. My career is with TheCoolCalmCollected where I guide lovely souls to connect to their inner identity and together we design and align them to the cool, calm, collected life they’re proud to live.


Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow:

  • Emily Schuman @emilyschuman // I love how approachable and real she is. She’s built an incredible business, yet is so genuine and grounded in her approach to life and that resonates deeply with me.
  • Amy Lea // Amy’s work and philosophy to life is so refreshing and intriguing. She’s an astrologer and human design expert – both subjects I’m fascinated by. Plus, she’s super lovely!
  • Alexandra Sage @alexandra_sage // I am so drawn to finding beauty in the simplicity of life, and I adore the way her feed captures moments, fashion, beach & sunshine. She speaks my visual language.

Sammy from Cool Calm Collected  

You & Self-Care: 

What does self-care mean to you?

To me, self-care means so many things. It’s connecting inward and finding joy from that moment. Whether it’s through journaling, meditation, breathwork; really looking at myself in the mirror when I apply skincare or make-up; spending quality time with loved ones & the puppies; dancing and movement – finding any moment to appreciate all that I am and all that I have, to me, I believe represents self-care.

What is your favourite self-care activity?

My ultimate self-care activity would be jumping in the ocean! Nothing makes me feel more beautiful, grateful and joyful than being in the ocean on a summer day. If an ocean visit is off the cards, then I love to read, meditate and just be – even for 10 minutes, it’s glorious. Extra points to me if it is in the sunshine!

What is your favourite way to ground yourself when you’re feeling burnt out or anxious?

Taking three deep breaths and EFT (Tapping). I use EFT daily. I used to feel deeply anxious by listening to my mind chatter, and it stopped me from being my best self. EFT is such a simple technique, but incredibly worth learning to calm, ground and connect back into ourselves (and alter what we perceive to be closing in on us). I can’t praise it enough.

In a busy world, how do you practice self-care consistently?

I make it a non-negotiable – even if that means waking up earlier so that I can pop to the beach, have a cup of tea while the sunrises or meditate/do pilates for 20 minutes in the afternoon; if it’s important to me, then I’ll ensure it happens. I’ve learnt how my mind and body work at its best, and at its worst. I listened, and now I know that to operate at the best I can be and to be a nice human, I need to make time throughout the day for some self-care, in any shape or form.

What advice do you have for people who find it hard to practice self-care?

Put the phone away and learn to connect back into yourself. We’re so reliant on using our phones as our security and comfort, that we forget how to enjoy the company, comfort and security of ourselves. We are our home, and no matter what happens in life the only person we’ll always have with us, is ourselves. It sounds cliché, but it’s such a valuable realisation to connect with and truly find inner-happiness (which then flows on to external happiness). By committing to a few personal boundaries, such as putting your phone in another room/on airplane mode at a certain time each evening, you’ll stop the scroll and be more present in each moment you’re experiencing. Start slowly with the habitual changes, but start. Because when you do, time opens up and so do your opportunities to indulge in some self-care and enjoy it ♡

Journal and tea cup with tea on desk

Favourite tea for relaxing?  

Lemongrass & ginger.

Head over to Sammy's Instagram to learn more about how to live a cool, calm and collected life! 

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