Ideas for Self Care: Arna talks to us about her favourite tips for self-care

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Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Arna, I am 27 years old anI live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. I’m a foodie lovin’, skincare obsessed, Harry Potter nerd. I believe in a wholistic approach to health and well-being and I am passionate about sharing this with others. 

Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow

@brookevulinovich - not only is Brooke hilarious but she is a wealth of knowledge. 
@gemmaehanley - Gemma is a Mindset Coach, she’s so down to earth and inspiring. 
@georgiestevenson - Georgie is great for all things fitness and motivation. 

You and Self Care: 

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What does self care mean to you?

Self-care is one of my absolute favourite things and I think its greatly underrated. The way I look at it, in order to fill up someone else's cup, the cup you are pouring from must first have something in it right? 
In the same way, in order to show up for others, you must show up for yourself.Quite often this is thought to be a selfish way of thinking, but that couldn't be further from reality. Self care is a necessity! It is taking time for yourself, valuing yourself and investing in yourself.

What is your favourite self care activity?

My number one self care activity is my skin care routine. I love love love washing my face! I tie my hair back, double cleanse, do a face mask, tone, serum and moisturise. I start to relax just thinking about it!

What's your favourite way to ground yourself when you're feeling burnt out or anxious?

When I feel burnt out or anxious I immediately reach for a cup of tea, the 'Calm' meditation app and my journal. I love pouring myself a cup of tea, taking small sips as I sit by the window in my loungeroom, listening to the daily 10min guided meditation and writing out 3 things I am grateful for. Nothing more soothing and grounding!

In a busy world, how do you practice self care consistently?

I make sure self care is included in both my Morning and Night time routines so that it doesn't get skipped, rather it becomes a habit. In the morning my self care is my cup of tea and 10 minute meditation and in the afternoon/night it's my skincare and journaling. 

What advice do you have for people who find it hard to practice self care

I think people can find self-care 'hard’ because they assume it just one more thing they need to make time for in the day, but self care doesn't need to be huge or elaborate. For example - It could be a quiet cup of tea after dinner, 15 mins of journaling before bed or a beach walk on your lunch break.
I also find 'habit stacking' really helpful, especially if you're finding remembering to do your self-care is the hard part. Its about deciding what your self care activity will be and stacking it onto habits you already have. By linking your new activity to existing ones, it's more likely to stick. For example - Every morning I get out of bed and flick on the kettle to make a tea. I wanted to start meditating so I started to do it each day after making my tea. Now it its part of my morning without even thinking about it.

Favourite tea for relaxing

My favourite tea for relaxing would be anything with Chamomile and Honey. RestoredTea's I AM CALM blend is absolutely perfect!
Check out Arna's Instagram @with.arna to learn more about physical and mental wellbeing ✌️

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