Ideas for Self Care: How Marlo Grover practices self care in our busy world

Marlo Grover talks about self care and tea

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello I’m Marlo! I’m passionate about making people feel amazing about themselves and love creating good vibes. I grew up as a ballerina, worked in the digital advertising space for 10years, left the industry to start my own made-to-order sustainable fashion label and in April of this year (due to COVID) launched my own fitness on-demand platform, G. Pump which is about changing the way you feel about exercise and yourself, on the inside and the out. #LetsPump 

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Restored Tea I am cleansed blend with tea leaves and tea cup

You and Self Care:

What does self care mean to you?

Self-care means any time put aside just for me - a time to focus inwards and just look after myself. I don’t consider it always to mean ‘self-indulgent beauty treatments’ because yes, that can be self-care but it’s not exclusive to spa treatments. I see self-care as reading, exercising, learning, playing, treating yourself. I also think that people steer clear from using the term ‘self-care’ because they fear the perception is ‘self-indulgent’ but looking after yourself shouldn’t be perceived as negative, selfish time. It’s time to fill your cup! 

What is your favourite self care activity?

Right now it’s putting a podcast on in my ears, walking to my take away coffee shop and strolling around the neighbourhood in my 1hr of allotted exercise time. I get to speak to someone (the barista taking my order) get some sunshine (if Melbourne allows it) and I get to tune into something inspiring or educational (cue Shameless podcast) and be free from all distractions. And secondly - obviously - is to move my body with G. Pump! Exercise makes me tick and G. Pump is my favourite way to move and strengthen my body. DREAM!

What's your favourite way to ground yourself when you're feeling burnt out or anxious?

For me it’s time in nature & exercise. Right now, that looks like me sitting in my garden, with a pot of tea (I can recommend Restored Tea - I Am Cleansed) barefoot with my feet in the grass playing with my whippet Gracie. I love dogs - they’re so in the moment - Gracie fills me with joy and reminds me that whatever is going on in my day can be controlled or measured by my mind. 

In a busy world, how do you practice self care consistently?

Routine, routine, routine!
The only way I consistently keep allotted time for myself is routine, building it into my day, every day means that it’s always going to hold a place on my to-do list. So every day that means exercise, I need to G. Pump every day to boost my mood and because it’s work it’s two birds with one stone. And every weekend, making sure there's podcast & coffee time consistently to break that M-F routine. And it’s brilliant! 

What advice do you have for people who find it hard to practice self care

Start small, commit to small steps every day or week rather than diving into a total routine overhaul that creates too many barriers to entry. Perhaps that's meditation once a week, that builds into once a day. Or trying a new fitness routine that compliments what you’re already doing for your self-care - perhaps G. Pump?! - that encourages you to create consistent habits. 

Favourite tea for relaxing?

I love the Restored Tea - I Am Cleansed. Free from caffeine - tick! Licorice root - yum! My husband is now a big fan as well! It leaves me warm and it’s the perfect pot to sip in the sun. I really like the process of drinking loose leaf tea, getting the pot and mug ready, it’s like a self-care ritual that tastes delicious! 

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