Self Care Tips: Bec talks to us about building a community for women's self care and self growth

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Bec,I have a life-long love of art, rom-com’s and chocolate! I am the creator of Her. Wellbeing.- a website that focuses on paying attention to women’s self-care and self-growth in everyday life, so that what initially takes conscious effort, soon becomes habit. When I’m not creating for Her. Wellbeing. you will find me in mama-mode (usually with a tea or coffee in hand)!

My background is in psychology and the arts, and I have a passion for writing and content development. My professional career has provided me with over a decade of experience in the area of mental health and crisis support.

I created Her. Wellbeing. because I have a passion for self-growth and self-care (two key components of what I consider to encapsulate my sense of wellbeing). This has been fuelled over the years by working in the environment that I have. I realise the vital importance of self-care and wellbeing to everyone, I’ve seen what happens to those who do not (or cannot) prioritise their own wellbeing, or who do not have access to the resources or support to do so.

It is my hope that Her. Wellbeing. will be a platform for women to help prioritise their holistic wellbeing in the every day- whether it be through acknowledgement, information, inspiration, planting a seed for thought and broader conversations, or simply framing everyday topics with wellbeing as the primary focus.

Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow

@goodegg_nutrition- Mollie is a Clinical Nutritionist. I always love her holistic nature in the way that she approaches nutrition and self-care. And she posts the BEST recipes! Ina is absolutely inspirational in her approach to business, life and motherhood. I really look up to her so much when it comes to her positive mindset and real approach to wellbeing.

@the_introverted_blogger- So relatable and inspiring for the introverts among us!

You and Self Care: 

 What does self care mean to you?

I truly believe that self-care is such a personal equation of different components for each individual. What symbolises self-care for one person may be completely different for someone else.

Self-care for me means trying to be conscious of what my body and mind needs in the moment to feel physically well, mentally present and balanced for myself and my loved ones. An absolute non-negotiable for me every day is finding space for alone time. Being a mum to a young family in amongst the other hats in life that I wear, it’s sometimes a challenge to find time for consciously tapping into myself and how I’m traveling from day to day.

But I’ve learned that the introvert in me needs some time to myself each day to recharge, where I’m not interacting with anyone else or being distracted by what’s happening around me. Even if it’s just 10 minutes of quiet time to myself, it really does help me to feel more balanced and energised in order to give back to those around me.

As I get older, I am also appreciating the importance of eating for nourishment more, as well as really being conscious of my self-talk and thoughts, and if they are serving me or blocking my chance to thrive. Being kind to yourself in a holistic way is so important.

What is your favourite self care activity?

It’s a cliche, I know, but sitting down with a tea or coffee and a good book, to be still and focused, is heaven to me.

What's your favourite way to ground yourself when you're feeling burnt out or anxious?

Mindful colouring! It’s a great form of meditative practice, as it requires us to bring our attention to what is presented in front of us, and to physically draw our eye and concentration to the soothing and repetitive nature of pencil strokes as we colour. It always leaves me feeling calmer and more present once I’m done.

In a busy world, how do you practice self care consistently?

It really is the little things- ensuring I have my cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning, caring for my skin with gorgeous natural products at the end of the day, having a long hot shower before bed, eating for nourishment as much as I can but also not being restrictive of indulgences that make my soul happy (like chocolate), and listening to my body and what it’s trying to tell me it needs. Listening to uplifting music or an inspirational podcast in the car. Learning to limit or say no to the things that drain me. Just finding little ways to work self-care into my day as habit.

The last couple of years I have also started to schedule a ‘me’ day every couple of months- and I commit to actually taking it. I take the day as leave from work, and do what ever I feel like doing that I normally don’t get a chance to when I’m working or being a mama. I go and see an exhibit at the art gallery, go for a massage, go shopping for fun things (not groceries) and take my time with a coffee in hand, or go and see a movie and have lunch- all on my own, enjoying my own company. It is bliss and I feel so energised afterwards.

What advice do you have for people who find it hard to practice self care

Baby steps- start out small and soon little acts of self-care can become habit. Maybe it’s committing to flossing your teeth every time you brush them. Maybe it’s trying to say no to the things that you really don’t want to attend. Maybe it’s waking 10 minutes before everyone else in the mornings to have a cup of tea before the morning routine gets underway. Maybe it’s placing your phone in another room overnight so you aren’t waking up to scrolling.

In terms of motivation to make good decisions around self-care, I’ve always found getting into the habit of asking yourself the question “Does this support the life I want?” really helpful.

I’ve found choices and decisions around my wellbeing are so much clearer when I frame my thinking around this question. From simple things like choosing what to eat, whether to go to bed earlier, what time to leave work, whether to buy that shiny new thing- to bigger questions like whether to take that new job, or whether to spend time with particular people. This question can guide you to nurture the life that you want and ensure that your self-care aligns with your values.

Find what works for you- as I mentioned earlier, self-care is such an individual thing, and if something is just not sticking or feels like a chore, it may not be the best self-care activity or practice for you. Try different approaches until something resonates.

Favourite tea for relaxing?

I can’t go past traditional English Breakfast Tea- it’s so comforting for me!

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