How The Positivity Queen practices self care and stays positive

Tell us about yourself

60,000 thoughts go through your mind every. single. day. What’s going on inside your head? Are you using your mind or is your mind using you?

Hi beautiful soul! My name is Phi and I am a life coach known as “The Positivity Queen” based in Sydney Australia. I help you go from stuck and self critical to courageous and empowered by breaking through your negative self talk so they can conquer anything.

My coaching is based on four pillars that I’ve developed by helping clients of all ages, female and male all over the world. They are mindset, self love, energy and purpose.

I’m passionate about helping people live their best life that feels soul good. To help people not just go through life but grow through life which is the motto of my podcast Grow Through It With Phi Dang.

Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow

Happihabits - daily happiness ☺️

Tiffy.cooks - love all her recipies so easy and simple to make 🤤

Erinclairejones - I love learning about human design and how to best work with my energy and map

What does self care mean to you?

Self care is intentional acts to take care of yourself, to be with yourself, to let go of stress, worry and anxiety. I think of it like a battery on a phone. Constantly recharging. In order to do your best, you have to be at your best.

 What is your favourite self care activity?

To do absolutely nothing. To allow myself to drop all my thoughts, worries and to do list and just be here right now. In this moment. Deep intentional breathing. Candles. Tuning in. Bliss!

What's your favourite way to ground yourself when you're feeling burnt out or anxious?

Cold showers I’m obsessed after attending the worlds first women’s only Wim Hof retreat last winter. When you’re cold you can’t think or worry about anything, you just survive!

In a busy world, how do you practice self care consistently?

I do this and encourage my clients and community to always make time for yourself at the beginning of your day before anyone else. That way you don’t resent anyone or anything. Whether it’s a minute or hour it all makes a difference! For me it’s as simple as intentional breathing practices before I check my phone.

What advice do you have for people who find it hard to practice self care?

Self care is everything as the name goes without self you are nothing. We don’t ever find time in life, we make time! If you can make time for your job, friends, family, pets, partner and passions you can prioritize and make time for yourself!

How has social media impacted your mental health and well-being?

I’m in a wonderful position to have a beautiful community which is empowering and uplifting. On my Instagram @thephidang I’m all about being real through my journey which isn’t just all the happy highs, it includes the low lows. I felt that was so important to be honest so that people don’t get the idea from social media everyone is happy and perfect all the time. I love to post content to not just inspire and motivate but help people with their mind, energy and approach to life.

How covid-19 given you a perspective on self care and well-being?

How important it is! That when you have the gift of time and everything in lock down you realise. I could never go back to my old habits of being really busy and not prioritizing myself again!

Favourite tea for relaxing?

I love the I am strong brew from restored tea. So nourishing!

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