Sleep meditation: Best Sleep Meditation to help you drift off

Sleep is an essential part of how our body recovers and restores itself. Getting a good nights is linked with better productivity, concentration and weight loss. By allowing our body to restore itself through sleep, we can achieve good well-being and health. But in our modern world, sleep isn't always a priority.
One in three Australians are not getting enough sleep. Distractions are everywhere whether it's scrolling on Instagram or watching another episode no Netflix getting some quality sleep is hard.  Our minds are constantly racing and taking in information. Meditation offers a way to calm your mind and body before heading off to sleep. It gives us permission to let go of our negative thoughts and focus on the present moment.
Sleep meditations can be found on Youtube, Spotify, Headspace, Calm or Insight timer. We've picked our top Youtube sleep meditations that help us have a deep and restorative sleep. 

Check out our top Sleep Meditations below:  

1. Honest Guys: Guided Sleep Meditation: The Haven of Peace. Ultra Deep Relaxation. Dark Screen


THE HONEST GUYS have been creating free meditations on Youtube since 2009. They are one of our favourite meditation channels. Their sleep meditations are carefully crafted to help you empty your mind of any thoughts or worries and drift off. This 12 minute meditation is perfect for when you're already feeling a little tired and need a helpful nudge.

2. Jason Stephenson: UNWIND YOUR MIND Before Sleep Meditation (Spoken with Music) A Guided Meditation Insomnia Sleeping

Jason Stephenson has been creating meditations for years. His meditations are available on Youtube as well as on Insight Timer. This meditation is over 2 hours and is perfect if you struggle to fall into a deep sleep. It mixes breathing exercises, and visualization to help your mind let go of the day. We love this meditation when we're feeling very overwhelmed and nothing else is working. We often fall asleep within the first 30 minutes of listening to this meditation. 

3. Great Meditation: Relax Deeply into Your Inner Stillness ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

The Great meditation channel offers a wide range of meditations for any state of mind. Although this meditation isn't specifically aimed at sleep, we found that it helps us to relax our mind. It brings you into a very deep place of stillness and calmness making it easier to fall asleep. We love to listen to this as we're lying in bed getting ready to head off to sleep. 

4. Lauren Ostrowski Fenton’s: FALL ASLEEP so FAST Guided sleep meditation, help you fall asleep fast, deep sleep, sleep hypnosis

Lauren Ostrowski Fenton’s deep sleep guided meditations will bring you into a deep state of relaxation and into deep mindful sleep. This meditation focuses on positive affirmations throughout it to help clear your mind of negative thought before sleep. The aim of the meditation is to let you drift off peacefully and wake up restored and mindful. 
Adding sleep meditation to your bedtime routine, can help to achieve a deep and restorative sleep. Check out our "I AM CALM" blend of Chamomile tea to help calm your mind and body before sleep. Get10% off your first order with the code "WELOVETEA10"

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