Ideas for self care: How to create your own tea ritual for calmness and peace

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Finding the time to slow down and practice self care is hard. We know we should do it but we also have a million and one other things to do. Plus, we don’t necessarily have time to practice all the self care strategies we’ve seen on Instagram.

Building small but impactful self care strategies are extremely important for our well-being. Simple self care strategies allow us to create a moment of calm among the chaos. They allow us to check in with ourselves throughout the day. At Restored Tea, we want to help you create this calm space.

Through the ritual of tea drinking, we’ve been able to find this calm and peaceful space without needing to completely rearrange our day. The benefit of a tea ritual is that it is highly personalised and is created by you to suit your lifestyle.

What is a tea ritual: 

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Tea has been used for centuries to create a calm space. Traditional Japanese Matcha rituals focus on grounding everyone in the present moment and taking a moment to mindfully consume the matcha. They are built around slowing down and really being present in the making of the tea. 

By slowing down and taking the time to enjoy the process of making a cup of tea and drinking it mindfully, we can create a calm space. A space to move into during times of high stress and anxiety.

Creating your own tea ritual as part of your self care activities is easy to do. Check out our tips below: 

Infographic on how to create a tea ritual as part of your self care routine

How to create your own tea ritual:

1. Pick a specific time

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Do you want to use your tea ritual as a way to ground yourself in the morning or perhaps as a way of relaxing before bed. Understanding why you want to create your own tea ritual will make it easier to pick a time. It will also make it easier to get the most out of your tea ritual.

Creating a new ritual is always hard. Picking a specific time, it will be easier to create a ritual that sticks. And one that becomes a permanent part of your self care activities. 

2. Listen to your body and decide on your blend

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Everyone's needs are different and each day brings new challenges for us. Before starting your tea ritual, take the time to listen to your mind and body. Perhaps it has been a particularly stressful day and you need a calming tea like Chamomile or perhaps you have been feeling low on yourself and need an immune boosting blend like our I AM STRONG blend

Whatever you’re feeling, make sure you listen to it. Part of the power of creating a tea ritual is slowing down and really listening to yourself. It will also allow you to design a tea ritual which will fit your needs.

3. Anchor yourself in the present moment as the kettle boils

Kettle sitting on a stove and boiling

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A boiling kettle offers a perfect moment to anchor yourself in the present moment. It offers you the opportunity to practice Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is focused on remaining in the present moment. It promotes us to be still and take in our surroundings, emotions and thoughts. 

How to take a mindful moment while the kettle bottles

  1. As the kettle begins to boil, listen to the sound. What do you hear? Does it remind you of anything? 
  2. As you listen to the water boiling, begin to use the 4-7-8 breathing technique to calm your mind and anchor yourself in the moment.
  3. After completing the 4-2-8 technique for a few minutes, you can begin to introduce an affirmation to include in your breathing. Some positive affirmations we like to use are:
    1. I am present in the current moment
    2. I am safe and calm in this moment
    3. I am relaxing into the present moment
    4. I am fully present in the moment
    5. The present moment is all that matters

4. Preparing your tea leaves

Image of a cup against a white and black background beside a plant

    As you prepare your tea leaves, take the time to mindfully prepare them. How often do you actually slow down to really be mindful of what you are consuming? By taking the time to prepare the tea leaves we can slow down our mind and body. 

    How to take a mindful moment with your tea leaves

    1. Take your tea leaves in your hand. Roll them gently in your hands. How do they feel in your hands? What is the texture of the tea leaves? Rough or soft?
    2. Bring your nose to the tea leaves and smell them. How do they smell? Is it a floral smell or more earthy? Is it a sweet smell?
    3. Take your tea infuser and gently place your tea leaves in it. How does the texture of the tea infuser differ to the tea leaves?

    5. While the tea steeps: 

    Tea bags against a white background

    Slowly pour the boiling water into your cup and let the tea steep. While the tea is steeping, take the time to check in with yourself. You can do this mentally or maybe you want to take the time to journal. We like to use these self care prompts: 

    1. What emotions are you feeling today?
    2. What is holding you back?
    3. Is there any one emotion that you are experiencing strongly? What is causing this emotion?

    6. Before drinking

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    Take the cup in your hand, feel the warmth of it. Take the moment to be aware of the warmth and the smell of the tea. Is it a strong smell? How would you describe the smell?

    7. Begin to drink the tea

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    Take your first sip of tea. Hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. How does it taste? Have you tasted this flavour before?

    Gently drink the tea and try to pick out the different herbs from the blend. Our I AM CLEANSED blend has 8 different herbs, are you able to pick out all the herbs? 

    Focusing on what flavours there are, again anchors our mind in the present moment and what we are consuming. 

    8. How do you feel

    Woman sitting on a couch drinking hot tea

    Photo by Kira auf der Heide

    After completing your self care tea ritual, make sure to check with yourself. Have you created a calm space? How does your mind feel? 

    It can be hard to find a calm and peaceful space while running from place to place. Often self care activities require time and a complete day or evening. What's great about a tea ritual is that it can be done almost anywhere and the length is up to you. It gives you permission to slow down and take a moment to yourself. So next time, you’re having a tea why not make it a tea ritual and check in with yourself!




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