How Yoga and Self Care can combine to improve and inspire your wellbeing

Tell us about yourself:

Yogable is proudly brought to you by two Brisbane based Yoga Teachers. Meet, Brooklyn & Sheriece. Whose friendship turned to a business partnership, just in January this year (2021), combining their passions and out of the box idea's to create Yogable. They believe everyone is capable of doing yoga, saying that everyone is indeed 'yogable'. That is why their workshops are hugely collaborative bringing creation, education & fun to the table followed or started by a yoga practise.  As well as workshops, they also run retreats, wellbeing programs and private sessions, with the aim to inspire a life of wellbeing through yoga & everyday life.But they are not going to stop there, so keep your eyes peeled as they bring more creations to life to help inspire a life of wellbeing.

Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow

Argh only 3 we could probably list 30!!!! but… if we had to narrow it down:

Indigo Luna  We cannot live without their Yoga Wear!

Boss Babe - We love the motivational quotes and their feed is very aesthetically pleasing! we can't get enough of those pinks shades!!!!

Wandering Folk -  as they have the most lush picnic rugs and all of their pictures are taken with beautiful scenery from places that feel like home sunsets on the beach, to picnics in the rainforest, all the way to beautiful international destinations like bolivia! 

What does self care mean to you?

Brooklyn: Self care to me is actually soul care.... doing things my soul craves: such as reading books that make me think, being out in nature, just sitting with my self in silence listening to my breath, just being completely by myself and having no obligation or pressure to be anywhere else but there, and also my soul craves chocolate on the daily 

What is your favourite self care activity?

Both: YOGA!!!!

What's your favourite way to ground yourself when you're feeling burnt out or anxious?

Sheriece: A Yin or Restorative Yoga Class is a must for me when I am feeling burnt out! As it allows our body to activate our Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is in charge of healing, digesting and restoring! Unfortunately, I am anxious nearly every single day, I suffer from anxiety to the point that it affects my body’s ability to eliminate things. I have been on a wellbeing journey for about 15months now seeing specialists, naturopaths, physio’s and medically nothing is wrong with me it’s just that little / big thing called the mind & gut connection that is playing up! So, I like to channel my anxious energy by fuelling it into positive energy so I love a good HOT POWER VINYASA Yoga class to help my body to eliminate waste & it really needs a present, stable and strong mind to get through this class, so my anxieties wash away for that hour of yoga! 


In a busy world, how do you practice self care consistently?

Both: This is certainly a challenge, it’s a challenge for everyone, and this is one of the reasons, Yogable was organically born as we wanted to help people create a life of wellbeing in everyday life!

What advice do you have for people who find it hard to practice self care?

Sheriece: The truth - you have a to make it a priority as no one else is going to put your self care above other competing priorities! 

So just start with something small to begin with, it might be making a commitment once a week to do something that you class as self-care. And self-care activities can vary between person to person. Someone might schedule in a nature walk on a saturday as their weekly self-care activity, whilst someone else might have a mid-week bath with a cup of tea and lavender oils to remain calm in the busyness. Once you have that one thing locked in, it becomes a habit and you can start to add a few other things to your week to sprinkle self-care throughout your days and weeks.

Has covid-19 given you a perspective on self care and well-being

Both: Covid-19 has certainly shaken up the world in good and bad ways! One good aspect that has come out of it, is that people are really aware of their wellbeing and are being forced to slow down and to take time out of their busy daily lives to focus on themselves.

Favourite tea for relaxing?

Sheriece: I cannot go past the simplicity of peppermint tea. In Winter it’s my go to tea as it tastes amazing, and it also has the healing benefit of settling my anxious stomach. You might also see me pairing that with a square or two of dark chocolate! And I am just about to place an order of the RESTORED TEA’s ‘I AM CALM BLEND’ as I feel I need this in my life and it would be a great tea to mix up my nightly winter tea with this instead of peppermint all the time!

Brooklyn: My fav tea is vanilla chamomile at the end of a day ☺️ I love chamomile tea before bed as it begins my routine of winding down and the added vanilla is like a warm hug

You can check out Yogable Instagram here and make sure to check out their website here

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